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Full Body Intoxication (Kratom)

DOSE: 6.0 g oral Kratom (extract)


I have tried Kratom many times now and felt that I would like to share my current experience with you. Firstly I would like to tell people not to be put off by the taste. Although it is terribly bitter and can induce nausea at taste it is bearable. I find that adding 2 teaspoons of sugar and some lemon juice helps. Also if I follow every swig with holding my breath and eating some bread the taste is far less intense.

11:47-12:34- I drank my Kratom tea and experienced a strange numbness in my tongue when I pressed it against the roof of my mouth. This is a good sign to me. I drank it a little too fast to start off with and as I stared at the floor I experienced minor visual hallucinations (the floor moved and waved).

12:34-2:20- Between these hours I experienced the most fantastic high I have experienced.

It is similar to an orgasm crossed with a MJ high.

Shivers of warmth ran down my whole body and my fingers and other extremities went totally numb. I found myself playing a game in which I sat still in silence just experiencing these feelings. Any movement brought pleasant, warm tingling sensations all over my body although especially noticeable around the head and neck area. Any touch from another human was sensational and

I found myself making excuses to be near people to feel their warmth and experience

what I can only presume was their aura. There was a neutral sensation of pressure in my ears as well although that only added to my feelings of intoxication.

At the time I ingested the Kratom I had been under a lot of stress as my girlfriend and I had had a couple of arguments. Straight after the experience ended I rang her and sorted it all out. Although I won’t credit this all to the drug some of the things I said were from reflections I had experienced during the intoxication.

Altogether it was a pleasant trip. I experienced stimulation of nerve ends, sedation of my limbs but my mind remained sharp and I was given time to think. I must say however that I felt intensely emotional during this time and expereinced shivers and cold flushes during the hangover period. Aside from this though

Kratom still remains my favourite legal drug.


Just got your answers! I will post 4 trip reports today.

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Alex Grey of the Day

Alex Grey of the Day

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Alex Grey of the Day

Alex Grey of the Day

Eye candy :)

Eye candy :)


The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.


-  Carl Sagan

Alex Grey of the Day

Alex Grey of the Day

First time on Mushrooms: Best night of my life.

(Mushrooms/2 grams) :

I had been wanting to try mushrooms for quite some time, and just recently the opportunity presented itself. Just for informational purposes I am a 22 year old male, 6 foot 145 pounds with an incredibly high metabolism. This was my spring break and I made my way to visit some close friends at my old college who had just finished their break. I made my way into town at about 9pm to my friends house where five of my closest friends were hanging. We started out smoking a few bowls of mids and were shooting Captain Morgan until my old roommate shows up a good bit later.

He walks up to me and pulls out the bag with around 8 grams of dried mushrooms and offers me 2g for free to celebrate my arrival.

He is a quite experienced user and has told me many a time how much he enjoys mushrooms and how they are without doubt his favorite drug so I was quite excited. I was already pretty drunk and was a bit worried at first that I would get sick if I ate them, so we waited awhile for me to sober up.

12:50 am. Me, my former roommate, and another good friend each ate somewhere around 2g each (could have been a little more or a little less) and I began to prepare for the trip ahead. In total there were six of us at the house, all very close friends with experience with psychedelics so this was a fantastic setting for my first trip. There was a pool table in the room adjacent the living room with no wall separating the two, and a large tv hooked up to the computer with music playing.

1am. It only took right at 10 minutes for me to start feeling the effects, and this surprised everybody in the room. At first I became incredibly tired, I even had some trouble holding my head up.

My skin felt quite warm, and it was almost as if I was slightly melting into the loveseat that I was sitting in.

At this point everybody decided to head outside for a minute to have a cig, so I made my way out there (or tried at least). I almost made it to the door when I fell over into a chair, then I was helped up and made it outside where I had to lean on the door just to not fall over. My whole body felt like jello, and it was incredibly hard to stand up. Then all of a sudden I found a huge burst of energy and ran back inside.

1:30am. The energy didn’t last very long and I quickly found myself back in the loveseat melting. I didn’t much care for the music that was playing so I stumbled over to the keyboard, opened up Grooveshark, and started a play list of all my favorite songs.

This is where things started to get interesting, the music sounded better than it ever had before.

These were songs that I listen to almost daily and it was as if I was hearing them all for the first time. Keep in mind that I am a musician and music plays a massive role in my life that is almost beyond description to a non musician, so this was something that I enjoyed greatly. I could feel the music all over my body, and everything started to feel incredibly good.

I sat there under a blanket and just rubbed my legs in bliss.

Then my best friend walked over (quite drunk I might add) and she started to rub my hair talking about how soft it was, and this felt better than anything I have felt in some time. I sat and enjoyed the music for a few more moments then realized that I had to pee so I walked to the back of the house complete unaware of what was waiting for me there.

2am. As soon as I had finished peeing I noticed something on the floor was moving, the tiles.

They had a very intricate pattern to them and it was all spinning and flowing together.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and stared in awe for a few seconds when I looked up and saw that the same thing was happening on the walls. The walls looked almost like a waterfall with everything flowing in a downwards motion. I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I was to see all this,

I had never been so fucking happy to see something moving.

I stared at the walls smiling stupidly to myself for a few moments before it came to my attention that I had been in the bathroom for nearly ten minutes so I walked back to the living room. At this point my two friends that had also eaten the mushrooms were starting to feel just as I did and I could see on their faces how much fun they were having.

I had a very hard time making out what was on the tv screen,

I could tell that it was on Grooveshark, but it was very blurry and it would have been near impossible for me to pick a new song or change anything on the screen. I covered my face and bathed in the music, still in disbelief of how amazing it all sounded.

2:30am. We all headed back outside to smoke another cig and stayed outside for probably about twenty minutes. As soon as I stepped outside everything looked much different than it had earlier when I arrived.

Even in the darkness of night everything was very colorful and every light source had a bright aura around it.

I looked up at the moon and couldn’t look away. I stared at it for probably five minutes and it looked like it was no more than a few feet away from my face. I tried to reach up and grab it but had no luck and only got laughed at by everybody around. Now I had a very, very hard time concentrating on anything. My former roommate who was also tripping was trying to hold a conversation with me but it just wasn’t happening.

In mid sentence I was stopped and my attention was pulled to the ground.

There was a clump of grass that was just mesmerizing and it had my complete and full attention for a solid twenty seconds, almost as if it was trying to talk to me. Then a car drove by and

the fact that there were other people in the world completely blew mine and my friends minds.

I wondered to myself what that person was doing and why they weren’t also tripping on mushrooms. I wanted everybody in the world to feel what I was feeling, to see what I was seeing, and to hear what I was hearing. In the midst of my profound thoughts we headed back inside.

3am. I sat back right in the loveseat where I had previously been and immediately sunk into the floor, or so it felt. We packed a bong and smoked that, and every time I hit it I would get lost in the fire from the lighter.

It was just so intriguing I couldn’t help but stare into it and all of its glory.

Before I knew it, two of my drunk friends had passed out and the other had sobered up a bit just in time to help us take our trip to the next level. He got up and turned out all lights in the house except for the tv. The whole trip up until now had been in a loud, bright environment and now that it was quiet and dark it was almost as if I had entered a new realm of life. The change of feeling was a complete 180 and in a good way.

I felt at complete peace with the world and didn’t have a single negative thought about anything or anyone.

I loved everything and everyone. My friend then went into itunes and set it to play the soundtrack from the Yellow Submarine with a visualizer that he had downloaded a few days back (gforce I think is what it was called). This sparked up a new level of visuals that were much more intense than anything previously in the trip.

Everything that moved had a glowing trail behind it, the ceiling tiles where all rotating around each other, and the walls were breathing.

Basically every inanimate object in the room was moving in some way. The visualizer on the tv complete drew me in in a way that is hard to describe. For moments at a time that tv screen was my whole universe, nothing else existed.

3:30am. Halfway through the soundtrack the giggles kicked in. I laughed harder than anybody has ever laughed before and so did my friends.

Everything was hilarious, at times I would laugh at nothing until I cried and this would cause the whole room to erupt into an uncontrollable laughing fit.

I even had to hide my face in a pillow at one point just so I couldn’t see the tv screen anymore. Seeing it for any amount of time, even just a few seconds, would make me laugh until I cried. Then for some reason the giggles left and didn’t come back. The last few minutes of the soundtrack were the best moments of my entire life.

I felt at one with the universe.

The music spoke directly to my soul in a way that is beyond description. Everything felt good. I sat there thinking to myself over and over again “I don’t want this feeling to ever end.” I truly hope that everybody experiences something like what I felt for those few minutes at some point in their life. It was pure and complete bliss. If there is a heaven I would like to believe that it something like those five minutes.

4am. Now that we had listened to the whole play list on GS and the soundtrack was over we decided to watch whatever was in the blu ray player and it happened to be Across the Universe, a movie which I am very fond of. The entire movie was a huge blur and I don’t remember many specifics to it other than that I wanted the entire movie to be nothing but singing. Every time a musical number ended I couldn’t wait for the next one to start. Between songs me and my friend would talk about whatever was on our minds, and as soon as any song started our complete attention was on the tv even if we were mid sentence.

Also, it seemed as if the movie would never end.

Even though it is only around two hours long and the trip was coming to an end I swear that movie was twelve hours long this time. We smoked another bowl from the bong about halfway through the movie was the stronger effects of the mushrooms had started to wear off and at the end of the movie trip was almost completely over.

6am. The movie was over and so was my trip for the most part. Everybody in the house was asleep except for my former roommate. The sun was coming up and the birds were singing so we sat on the front porch and reminisced about what had just occurred. My stomach felt pretty terrible as I had ingested nothing all night but the mushrooms and a few shots of rum, so we went and got a few biscuits and after eating those I felt pretty good. He finally left at around 7 and I was left alone. For some reason even though I was very tired I couldn’t fall asleep and ended up staying up until 8pm that night. Is that normal?


Mushrooms are now my favorite drug by far. I have never had so much fun in one night and cant wait to trip again.

I never wanted it to end and when it was over it was almost like it was a dream. In general I would say that I am a pretty happy person, but since the trip I have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. I find myself smiling and being stupidly happy for seemingly no reason. It is like an entire new side of the world has been opened up to me that I previously didn’t know existed and it feels so good. Also oddly enough I have lost almost all interest in tv and video games, just thought I should mention that. If you have read this far I applaud you, thanking you for taking the time to hear my short saga.

I love you all.


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